Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Welcome to Christmas Very Much

My husband deemed this post to be NOT polititcally correct. So I am moving it to my personal blog...because quite frankly it makes me laugh. And of course no one reads this one...so I can be as pollitically incorrect as I want.

Welcome to Christmas time. I am Twinkle the Christmas Elf and this is Dixie the not-Christmas cat. Together we will show you house is round.
I am much merriment this house

So soft to touch nice cat pillow

Cat is pretty in sitting train

Much stuck in large decorate tree

This dog has no dignity to remain

I am silly in wrapping papers

There is much love tollerance of species at time of  Christmas

We do not like the big black cat...we laugh at him far from glass window.

FYI...Twinkle was made in China

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