Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to School?

We celebrated the first day of "school" or as we like to call it Parent Facilitated Learning, by visiting the City History Center, with several hundred of our fellow homeschooling friends.

T wanted to pose as if his head had been blown off by the cannon. Why yes....I AM very proud.

Can you feel the learning....neither can I.

If you are wondering if this is "historical" I can assure you it is not. But it is fun.


Hello Dr., please send mom more anti-anxiety meds stat!

Oh look, it's learning. Finally, now we can go home.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chicken Feet

I recently bought a few pastured chickens. For the past year I have only consumed grass fed/pastured animal products. It can be difficult to find pastured chickens, so I was more than happy to drive to a local farm and pick up a few birds on processing day.

Processing day is when a farmer sets up a processing tent and kills and processes a bunch of chickens. Then customers come with ziplock bags and pick up fresh chickens.

In addition to chickens you can buy chicken parts. Parts like necks, gizzards, and feet. Good lord......feet. But as I stood there waiting for my chickens to be bagged a nice lady was explaining how chicken feet make great stock. Oooh, I'm obsessed with chicken stock. Well you would be too if you paid 15 dollars for a chicken. Trust me, you use every bit of a 15 dollar chicken.

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