Sunday, May 9, 2010

Country Roads Take Me Home

I just came home from Haywood County, NC where my daughter and I attended a fabulous plant swap at the Lazy Dog Ranch, home of Shannon (my childhood friend) and her husband Karl and various dogs, cats, chickens and ducks. I am not sure who had more fun...but if I had to guess I'd say my daughter had the time of her life running around, playing with dogs, feeding chickens and generally running wild. I also came home with fresh scones, eggs, and 6 perennials from the swap. I’d call that a successful visit.

Shannon and Karl's lovely cabin.

A warm welcome from the garden gnomes

Shannon's plants ready to swap.

Waiting for a fist fight to break out over the orchid

"J's" new best friend Rupert

Looking toward the orchard

Looking toward the kitchen garden

Hill side flower garden

Mountain Vista

Lovely ladies

Thanks for the hospitality y'all

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